Fluoride Free NZ makes astonishing claim

For Immediate Release An extraordinary press release from Fluoride Free NZ highlights the inconsistency of the group’s position on science - and then attempts to re-write local history. The release this week cites the new data from the highly-respected Dunedin longitudinal study showing that exposure to lead in the ‘70s reduced children’s IQ by about [...]

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US Ruling Deals Blow to Local Anti-Fluoride Lobby

For Immediate Release. The safety of water fluoridation has been given a huge boost by the US Environmental Protection Agency which has just struck down a major challenge by lobbyists. Making Sense of Fluoride President Daniel Ryan says it’s a ruling with ramifications here, as a parliamentary committee will soon begin hearings on a move [...]

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Submission on the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill

Submission Our group supports the intent of this bill because: Community water fluoridation (CWF) is a cost-effective, safe, beneficial social health measure (of greatest benefit to our most deprived); Current community consultation processes have been plagued by misrepresentation and distortion of scientific and other factual information by values-based activists; Local body staff and elected councillors [...]

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Fluoride Free Toothpaste doesn’t do the job

Image by Tamaki Sono   For Immediate Release A new fluoride-free toothpaste has changed its advertising after being challenged to provide evidence to back its claims that it reduces plaque and tooth decay. The toothpaste, called Grin, launched earlier this year and relies on propolis, manuka oil and sea salt as its key ingredients. A [...]

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Beware of False Balance

For Immediate Release 20 August 2016 A decision by the NZ Press Council this week is a timely reminder to news media to be wary of lobbyists attempting to hijack the concept of balance. An article titled Focus on Fluoride Fears, published last month by Sun Media, was the subject of a successful complaint to [...]

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Fluoride Information Group Questions ‘Dentist Group’

For Immediate Release Recent calls for children to use full strength fluoride toothpaste have been criticised by a fringe group calling itself the Fluoride Information Network for Dentists. Making Sense of Fluoride president Daniel Ryan says media and the public need to be aware the so-called network run by anti-fluoride dentist Stan Litras has a [...]

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Tooth decay is harming children in a fluoridated area?!

There has been an article in the media recently talking about the possibility of Wellington City creating more water fountains, to help curb tooth decay. Wellington currently has community water fluoridation. Although the article didn’t have a single word about fluoridation, anti-fluoride groups have been saying this is proof that fluoride isn’t working. “Why would [...]

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Surge of fluoridation news in NZ

I've never seen so much fluoridation news in the NZ media. It started on the 12th of April when the Government announced a legislation plan that will move responsibility for water fluoridation from local councils to District Health Boards. Most of the media generally have a positive look towards water fluoridation with only some trying [...]

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Exposing poll abuse from anti-fluoridationists

What is it with anti-fluoridationists abusing online polls? Over the years I've seen many Facebook pages and groups abusing website polls, just to make it seem like more people are against fluoridation than there actually are. It doesn't matter how small the website is, which country the poll is from, or how insignificant polling is. With a new [...]

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Debunking Anti-Fluoride Woofuckery and Pseudoscience

A guest post by Ron Johnson from The New Horsemen, edited by Daniel Ryan. Part 15 of The New Horsemens FAQ woofuckery collection. Since its inception in the 1940s, the idea of fluoridating water has given rise to fear and suspicion with claims ranging from evil Nazi/Commie/government mind control conspiracies to cancer causation to decreased IQ and [...]

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